Rising On Water: Yael Livneh – 79$


“Water is a principle or an element, all things. All things are water”

(Thales of Miletus)

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Water Play Therapy (WPT) is an innovative therapy technique in which the water is the main medium for emotional treatment. The book examines the theoretical basis of WPT and guides the reader how to use water as an effective instrument for therapy through playing and art, with the main goal being allowing the children’s inner world to reveal.

WTP aids therapists who work with children who are struggling with childhood trauma, perception disorder and sensory regulation disorder, anxiety, as well as other speech and communication disorders.

Apart from the use of water, the method includes the use of other elements, such as: colors, tiny objects “little world”, playing, creating, and storytelling, which all together make up personal narratives in the therapeutic process.

The readers have the opportunity to enter the “water world” through a wide variety of case descriptions, which demonstrate the water’s ability to recover repressed memories from the far past by arising thoughts, ideas, and pictures that are part of the “water world” game.

Lihi, a seven year old girl, was taken by her mother to therapy because she was having troubles falling asleep and was very concerned at night time. She created a red “water world” and called it “The Rubella Sea”, where she places miniature family figures on a floating island. Lihi told me that the family’s baby fell into the water, and her mother jumped to save her, but ended up drowning and dying. Lihi’s water world describes the traumatic moment of birth.

This book is suitable for therapists and educators who work with children.


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