Water Play Therapy – Introductory Course

Water Play Therapy is a unique method developed within the concept of integrative art and play therapy, an approach using water as the main medium for creative expression in therapy. The course offers participants a practical, experiential introduction to the principles of the method and provides the theoretical background and the curative rationale behind this approach.


Participation in the course serves as the initial training that enables the therapist to immediately introduce the method into their therapeutic work with a water table which is an important additional personal and professional tool.


Target Audience:  Mental-health care professionals with a basic background in psychology, therapy students soon to conclude their studies who have experienced practical work, professionals in the field of rehabilitation, para-medical professions, speech-therapists, occupational therapists, social workers and so on.

Length of the Course:  20 Academic Hours

Course Method: The course combines experiential, practical and theoretical teaching methods, using a water table and water play.

Goals of the Course:


  • Extending the ’tool box’ available to therapists – participants will learn to use the method in their clinics, and also how to adapt it to different populations.
  • Participants will learn the 5 stages of Water Play Therapy – through practical training and experiencing the method.
  • Understanding the theoretical rationale and the Neuro-psychology behind the method.
  • Participants will learn the role of the therapist in Water Play Therapy and will take part in simulation exercises of WPT.
  • Acquaintance with the symbols and myths that emerge when building the “Water World”.

Study Topics:

Water as a unique universal expressive medium

Mindfulness and water – the body – water connection

The 5 stages of Water Play Therapy

The importance of color in therapy and Water Play

The importance of free play and directed-focused play

How water raises subconscious memories

Myths, symbols and archetypes that characterize water in various cultures.

The role of the therapist in Water Play Therapy

Discussion and comparison with other existing approaches in the field of therapeutic expression.


Teaching Methods:

Theoretical and  practical workshop with experiential use of  the water table; this includes presentations explaining theoretical aspects, clinical case study videos, analysis and discussions, use of the resources and materials that accompany WPT and practicing the role of the therapist in therapeutic simulations.

At the end of the workshop:

Each participant will receive an AQUA KIT – therapeutic water table. Participants will receive a certificate attesting to their completion of the Introductory Course hours.

Graduates of the Introductory Course will be entitled to participate in the Clinical Supervision Group and will also be entitled to participate in workshops on diagnostics, group therapy, Dyadic therapy and other workshops held by Yael Livneh


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